** Wishing you a Most Wonderful Christmas Season! **
100% of the Donations Benefit 2 Local Charities:
* The Child Abuse and Neglect Council (Arenac-Bay-Huron-Saginaw)  
For more information, please visit the CAN Council's Website www.cancouncil.org
* The Habitat for Humanity (Saginaw/Shiawassee Township)
For more information, please visit http://www.sshfh.org 
You can also view both of these charities on FaceBook! 

History on Donations:
- We started collecting donations in 2008 and over the years the donations continue to grow!  It is absolutely wonderful to have such a giving community that supports these great causes.  
- In 2008, the donation s collected during the Christmas season were just under $3,000. 
Since that time, donations have grown considerably.  More than 15 years later, the total donations collected by Freeland Light's visitors is now just over ~$100,000 - with 100% of this money given to these great organizations. 
Additionally, a BIG Thank You to those that have donated their time over the past few years to assist in setting up, tearing down or spreading the word about Freeland Lights.
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** Thank you for your Generosity! **
Any donation amount is appreciated. If you would prefer to write a check, please make the check to: CAN Council GLBR or Habitat for Humanity.